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Promoto your website off-line to get more visitors, just another part of your promotion puzzleMaking an effort to Promote your Website


If you think that promoting your website only exists of making your website Search Engine Friendly and Optimization, think again!



You should use all promotion possibility's you can get your URL on.


Think about simpel off-line things like Your stationary, your visit-cards, your invoices etc. e.g. all printed forms that leave your company.


But also on promotion material like Pens, handouts, mouse pads (if you have some) but check out some promotional material vendors.
One great gift could be an USB Memory stick with your domain name put on it!


People tend to use it on their or other people's computer, in proximity or next to there browser :-)


But your company cars could bring you visitors, it does not need to be a big text running along the side of a car.


Just a simple text with the URL readable just above your rear bumper works even better.


People are queries and will check out the link!


After reading these examples I am sure You can come up with some of your own.


Promote your website in every way You can.

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Bring Your RSS Feeds to the Masses

Improving the way people subscribe to your RSS

Do You have your RSS Feeds up-and-running like the way I describe it for You at Setting Up Joomla RSS Feed ?
Or with a similar product to create the Feeds?

Then it is time to take the next step !!

Ready? Because I am going to show you:

How to Burn Your Feed

Burning it, I have just got it working !

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