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Joomla SEO Expert Advice

SEO Expert Advice on getting your Joomla Site Search Engine Friendly

Getting Free advice is always nice, right?

Yes, but is has to make sense as well, so that is why I build this site.
I wanted to give something back to the Joomla community, which has provided me and You with this great Content Management System.

The advice I am going to give you is not only useful for Joomla based websites, but also for any other website that You create.

Search Engine Optimization for Google

In Google is is difficult to get High rankings on a very large number of Keywords.
So focus first on taking on , hmm... lets say five keywords.
You have to do your keyword research done before you decide which of them you are going to target.

Joomla Search Engine Optimization for Yahoo

Getting Good Yahoo ranking is very different then the Google Search Results.
But with the right way of working with Joomla, You can have it both.

SEO for (MSN)

Getting good ranking is (Former is not that hard if you get the former two major Search Engines Optimization right, msn will follow.

So what does this mean for You?

It simply means that if you follow the advice I give you on how to build your site, pages and content, you should do well without a lot of extra work.

Why do You Need SEO

Do You need Search Engine Optimization?

Or is it just a hype everybody is talking about and costs a lot of money?

First, Why did you build your website?
I think because You want to tell people, aka visitors, something.
About your product, about your service, or even give them information they might benefit from.
But in all cases, you want to reach a certain audience!

And because 80% of the people on the Internet use a Search engine to find the Information they are "searching" for You need to be there.
Most of them won't even look beyond the first 10 results, sometimes two page two or even three......but not much further


Why You need Search Engine Optimization as part of Your Marketing PuzzleSo If You Really want to reach out and get your visitors, You better make sure you can be found !!


Read and Learn more about reaching the best positions in Search Engines and Getting and Keeping your visitors!


Little Joomla SEO Book

The Little Joomla SEO Book

It is finally ready, My own Little Joomla SEO Book.Unlock Your Joomla website potential with SEO

This e-Book is a free 22 pages file that you can download and is easy to use for everyone.
It is meant as a reminder for making your Joomla Based Website Search Engine friendly.

Click on the link for reading more on, and downloading The Liitle Joomla SEO Book....

Read more: Little Joomla SEO Book

Pathos SEO for Joomla Optimization

Search Engines and Joomla

Greatly Improve Joomla Websites with Search Engine Optimization

When I build my first Joomla site, it was pretty easy, at least thats what I thought.

I Read everything about Sections, Categories, Components, Modules and Mambots.
Also about the Free Joomla Templates, which many of you are still seeking.

Best thing was, I got my site on-line, filled it with rich content, after all everybody knows now 'Content is King' and Voilà, ready..they will come!

Pages were read, every day after going live, the Joomla statistics showed me how many hits every pages got !
Until I got hold off a free external Statistics Counter......
After a week I figured it out, the one person reading my pages was ME!

Getting the right visitors

This site is up and running to prevent You from making the same mistake.
You need to optimize your site so Search Engine's like Google, Yahoo and MSN can find you, index you with ease and get you to the positions you deserve.

You will find a ton of information about Search Engine Optimization SEO and SEF on this site, not only for Joomla but for every website that wants to rank high in every Search Engine.

There is a special section on SEO for Joomla with Search Engine Optimization Information for this Cms.

Joomla SEF

Why is this Search Engine Friendly ( SEF ) so important for a Site that runs a Content Management System?
And is this really that important?

First, for some search engine spiders it is still very difficult to index dynamic URLs.
So a URL that reads like
Is really not going to be indexed as well as:

Which has more of the keywords in the URL and doesn't have strange things like ? & and + in it.

Don't forget, all the information in this site is focused on Quality Content, not Black Hat optimization !!

Search Engine Optimization Software Should You use it or not?

Search Engine results optimization software
Ps. You don't have to register or send your email address, this site is Public and Free!


Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler…

Should You use it or not, and does it work?

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