Why do You Need SEO

Do You Need SEO?

Do You need Search Engine Optimization?

Or is it just a hype everybody is talking about and costs a lot of money?

First, Why did you build your website?
I think because You want to tell people, aka visitors, something.
About your product, about your service, or even give them information they might benefit from.
But in all cases, you want to reach a certain audience!

And because 80% of the people on the Internet use a Search engine to find the Information they are “searching” for You need to be there.
Most of them won’t even look beyond the first 10 results, sometimes two page two or even three……but not much further

Why You need Search Engine Optimization as part of Your Marketing PuzzleSo If You Really want to reach out and get your visitors, You better make sure you can be found !!

Read and Learn more about reaching the best positions in Search Engines and Getting and Keeping your visitors!

Joomla SEO Expert Advice


SEO Expert Advice on getting your Joomla Site Search Engine Friendly

Getting Free advice is always nice, right?

Yes, but is has to make sense as well, so that is why I build this site.
I wanted to give something back to the Joomla community, which has provided me and You with this great Content Management System.

The advice I am going to give you is not only useful for Joomla based websites, but also for any other website that You create.

Search Engine Optimization for Google

In Google is is difficult to get High rankings on a very large number of Keywords.
So focus first on taking on , hmm… lets say five keywords.
You have to do your keyword research done before you decide which of them you are going to target.

Joomla Search Engine Optimization for Yahoo

Getting Good Yahoo ranking is very different then the Google Search Results.
But with the right way of working with Joomla, You can have it both.

SEO for Bing.com (MSN – Live.com)

Getting good ranking is Bing.com (Former search.MSN.com / Live.com) is not that hard if you get the former two major Search Engines Optimization right, Bingwill follow.

So what does this mean for You?

It simply means that if you follow the advice I give you on how to build your site, pages and content, you should do well without a lot of extra work.

Book review Building website with Joomla! 1.5


I just finished writing my book review of Building websites with Joomla 1.5 You can read all about this book and why it is s great resource of information and a must have for the beginner Joomla 1.5 webmaster on my First Joomla! Book Review page You can expect more Joomla book reviews to come […]

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Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5 – Hagen Graf


I have had the pleasure of reading Hagen Graf’s book, Building Websites with Joomla 1.5, no the first version of the book,which was for the RC1, but the latest one based on the Final 1.5 Joomla! release. As you might have guessed, I am not new to Joomla, and I have also worked with Joomla […]

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Theming a Joomla site for SEO

SEO Theming

Theming? You mean Joomla SEO Template, right? Wrong, I really mean Theming your Joomla site. Theming here is about the way you structure your website to show the real main topic of your website. You do have a main topic, don’t you… So lets see what you can do to improve the “Theme” of your […]

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Replacing OpenSEF with sh404SEF

I Just replaced the old OpenSEF component with the new sh404SEF component to improve my total Search Engine Optimization efforts for this website.   It wasn’t as straight formward as you might think… I did try before and failed, then I made the move back to OpenSEF. Not this time however, I wanted it to […]

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Joomla Database maintenance the easy way

I just finished a post about this great find to maintain your Joomla database from the back-end   This DB Heath Component is also installed on this site, and has already done some repairs and optimization…   Check out what it can do for your website.

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Changes in the Menu

I Just changed the menu’s…   What I did not like on the old menu’s was that there was no real structure, so now I think you should be able to find your way around on this site a liitle easier.   At least that is what I hope…l   Changing and creating menu’s in […]

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The Joomla Blog Feed from Feedburner

Writing about Joomla and Optimization for Search Engines. Also about Search Engine Marketing..   And af course about Joomla Components, Templates, Modules and Plugins!!   The Feed above this item is different form the one above the Menu.That one is linked to Pathos SEO Blog and has also great topics about Joomla and Search Engines. […]

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How to Create a Clock Module

I just wrote a post on how to pu a Clock Module on you Joomla website.   Read about it Analog Clock On Joomla site   On of the more advance options of ClockLink you find below…

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Analog Clock on Joomla website

If you want an Analog or Digital Clock on your website, you have a large selection of Clocks to choose from.   You can get one, like the one on this site from The Clocklink Gallery of get one from http://www.worldtimeserver.com/   They will offer you a code to place an you website in javascript […]

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New Joomla Page cache Component

I am happy…the site is now running faster then ever !   I found a post on www.alledia.com about a new cache component.And now I have it running on four websites allready, because it is that good..   Try it yourself and read more about the component on http://extensions.joomla.org/component/option,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,2058/Itemid,35/   Installation is very easy if […]

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