Little Joomla SEO Book

The Little Joomla SEO Book

It is finally ready, My own Little Joomla SEO Book.Unlock Your Joomla website potential with SEO

This e-Book is a free 22 pages file that you can download and is easy to use for everyone.
It is meant as a reminder for making your Joomla Based Website Search Engine friendly.

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The Little Joomla SEO Book

Please send me any comments or suggestions you have on improving this Free eBook.
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Here is the current Table of Content:

Part 1: basic Search Engine Optimization
10 Key Factors in on-page SEO
1. Keywords
2. Titles
3. Content
4. Headings
5. Bold and Italics
6. Keyword density
7. Alt Tags
8. Meta tags
9. Internal Linking
10. External Linking

Part 2: Joomla Basic Search Engine Optimization
Index on Joomla SEO
– Basic Technical Needs
– Joomla SEF Component
– Joomla SEF Patch
– Joomla Sitemap
– Google Sitemap
– Search Engine Optimized Template

Copyright Notice

Appendix: .Htaccess

Here You can download The Little Joomla SEO Book

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