Images for Search Engines

Let images help you to Improve your rankings


Images will bring some life to your site so its nicer for Your Visitors, but can also be a major asset for improving your Search Engine Rankings…


But You have to pay attention to the way You handle those Images.
Search Engine Spiders cannot index the content of an image (yet).


So what can we show the then You ask?
For starters put on the images itself so Your ..jpg, …png or …gif files
Yes, but that is not an improvement is it.


That’s right, if you just place your images it is NOT an improvement.


Making Images work for You


What would happen if You would first rename your images to match the basic keywords of your site?
Now that is a possibility for optimization!
So the first thing You do is rename Your file like the one below, which is called improve-your-ranking-with-images.png


And then you must use the HTML "alt" tag for images.
This tag gives you a text ,with most browsers, if you hover with you mouse over the image.
This is also done for text reader to give them an impression af the image.


If You use these text markers en renaming the right way, you are giving the spider some more keywords to index your pages.

Improve Your SEO and Rankings with Images



SEO and Images to Spider

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