Get your Title right

First thing You HAVE to do is getting your Title right

This one it really important.


The Title of your page is the First thing that search engines look for and display in the search results.
So you got to nail this one, or you loose every run.


The title of your website page article should be like a really good Newspaper Headline.


It must indicate to your readers what you want to tell them, and tickle their curiosity to read on beyond the Title header.


Your web page title is the One Thing that stands out in the Search engines.
It is getting your ranking into shape and attracts your visitors to come in, together with your description meta-tag.


How to write good Titles?


Think up a good headline before you write your article!
Put yourself in the driver seat of the web surfer you would like to have as a visitor on Your site.
Thinks how you would search for the topic you want to adres in your article!
Then do your keyword research and find out what people REALLY using as search terms to find information on that subject!!.

Then write your page title with the found major keyword, or a nice combination of keywords as a major part of the Headline.


P.s. Your title should not be longer than 64 characters.

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