Why are Search Engine Spiders so Important

Why are Spiders so Important

Spiders are one of the two the most important programs for Internet Search Engines.

A Spider, or Robot or Crawler, is a piece of program that the search engines send out into the web.
They read page after page, follow hyperlinks to other sites and read and read and read….
All what the read goes into their Back Pack end is taken back to the Search Engine at came from and give his food to his family.

Alls these pages out of the Back Pack are off great value for the Search Engines, it is going to be their "Content".
Search engines run their other important program (their algorithm) to index and sort and rank the pages.
Based on the results of these calculations are the pages that you get served when you do a search on the main page of sites like, Yahoo, Google, MSN etc…

Naturally, the better the combination of Spider and Algorithm, the better your search result will be.

So what do you feed these important spiders?

Simple, content…high quality content …
Af course this is always the base to get good rankings.

But you can help them even better, by providing them keywords that they can use to put your pages on the right search word result page.
Feed them a proper description of the page, so they can use that instead of boiling up their own.

But still even better use your HTML tags like < h1 > and make the important texts stand out like "Bold" or "Italic" and even "underline".
And sometimes ,and use these sparingly, give it a Yellow background to highlight that very special Item.

Spider and Search Engines give them also the proper importance when they find those tags.

I Hope I give you some inside on the importance and relation of spiders and your search engine ranking.

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