The new Blog section of Pathos SEO

I used the have the WordPress Component to Blog here.
And I really like WordPress, but this integration did not work for me, although it seems to work great on the Joomla Main website!


But now I am setting up a new Blog Categorie to work with the Basis Joomla Blog section part to create a Blog.


There will be several Modules or Components to be Implemented to create the Best Joomla Blog solution!
I will write about each part as I implement it.


And the first one is already done….


I installed a Comment Component by to take care of any comment you might have.


Download and installation is pretty forward, and the selection of the Blog section was also very easy!.


So this is the First part of these Blogging Articles, stay tuned for the rest, so you might benefit from my experiences…
Just read it as a Free Tutorial :-)

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